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Your Car Dealer Website How Google Trends Helps to Improve

Your Car Dealer Website How Google Trends Helps to Improve 

google trends for websites
Google Trends is an underutilized free content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool which finds trending topics online.

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Discover and utilize car marketing trends at the right time, to improve your car dealer website’s search reach and marketing trends for websites

Google Trends SEO Tip 1: Search from Big to Small

Enter the most-important keyword of your car dealer website and narrow down the searches by selecting the right options. Choose from Worldwide, Time, All categories, and Web Search.

It is advisable to start big and then filter it to get to the relevant information.

Google Trends SEO Tip 2: Google Trends’ Smart Comparison

Google Trends offers relativistic searches where the results for your keywords are compared with previous heights rather than overall trends for websites

Remember, context and search settings are important for your keyword trends.

Google Trends SEO Tip 3: Advanced Thinking for Specific Search

For more relevant and advanced search results, click ‘Web Search’ and use the options available (Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, and YouTube Search).google trends for websites

You can notice various results and help in providing new content ideas for improving your content.

Google Trends SEO Tip 4: Think Location

Along with the keywords, use location specificity in your searches for best results.

Select specific regions and sub-regions as well. This is an important targeting factor in pay-per-click (PPC) ads and local search.

Google Trends SEO Tip 5: Predict Trending Topics

To outdo your competitors, try to predict trends depending on the available trends for websites

You can either find using specific categories/countries or compare two key phrases in a particular trend.

Google Trends SEO Tip 6: Make use of ‘Top Charts’

The ‘Top Charts’ available at the upper left corner helps in displaying the top trends in various categories. You can also filter by Trending and Most Searched.

All these results and data will help you to align your website content with popular trends for websites

Google Trends SEO Tip 7: Leverage Search Queries for Video Optimization

To optimize your videos, search using YouTube Search. Also, sort using "Rising” or "Top” for better data.

The related searches will let you script better titles and descriptions for your trends for websites

For more Google Trends tips to improve your auto dealer website. Click Here.

Your Car Dealer Website How Google Trends Helps to Improve 

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